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Tomaga Chromatic 250

Tomaga Chromatic 250
Model on show: The colours shown on the website may vary slightly from the real colour of the paint or the decorative elements.

The little "vintage" electric meat slicer for home use

For the first time, TOMAGA are proud to release an exclusive new product: a real electric meat slicer for use in the home.

A mini, compact little electric meat slicer to set up in your kitchen with all the benefits of its bigger brothers: professional safety standards, exceptional slicing quality, easy to dismantle and clean, incorporated whetstone, ultra-quiet.

This new product offers a wonderful "vintage" design and will give you the opportunity to enjoy unique tasting experiences.  It fits perfectly onto your counter top or on the breakfast bar.

Finally, a slicer you can be proud to display and use every day.  Say goodbye to the "fully plastic" models with ugly finishes and deafening motor noises.  No more single-use machines which offer nothing but poor performance, inconvenience and a headache to clean.

Despite its diminutive size, the Tomaga Chromatic meets all the safety and reliability standards of a professional-size Tomaga.  These characteristics have enabled Tomaga to become the standard bearer for absolute quality and excellence in their field.

  • Electric meat slicer
  • Polished aluminium casing
  • Chrome-plated steel blade - diameter 250mm
  • Circular capacity: 175 mm
  • Rectangular capacity: 225 x 175 mm
  • Removable and quickly replaceable blade protection system
  • Sliding tray which can be dismantled in no time
  • Easy and perfectly safe to clean
  • Slice thickness: 0-14mm
  • CE certification: CE Directive 2006/42 - CE EMC Directive 2004/108/CE - CE low voltage directive 2006/95/CE
  • Integrated whetstone
  • Manufactured in Italy by Tomaga Industries
 ROSSORed Planet
 NEROBlack Gold
 CREMALight Brown
Outside dimensions L. 570 X l. 520 X H. 500 mm
Weight 27 kg
  • 2,820.00€ TTC 2,350.00€ HT

Shipping included *
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