MasterCut M10

Mechanical Pizza Wheel


MasterCut M10

Mechanical Pizza Wheel

Designed for all those who demand tools of optimal reliability, Tomaga cutting tools meet four fundamental principles: functionality, reliability, precision, aesthetics. Thus, each detail has its meaning, its function. A technical rigor that is expressed through pure lines and timeless elegance.

The integrated design reveals the singular character of the Tomaga Mastercut M10: the handle merges with the body to form a homogeneous whole. The finishes of the 100 mm blade flatter the eye. The polished angles underline the contours and enhance the volumes. The balance of the latter makes the grip of the handle and the blocking in support of the thumb perfectly adapted to an optimal use.

Your pizzas deserve a beautiful cutting object.

An alternative to a knife or a scissor, the Tomaga Mastercut M10 mechanical pizza cutter will amaze your guests with its functionality and will enhance your pizzas.

It guarantees a clean cut of the dough as well as the filling, to share this delicious Italian specialty with art.

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  • High gloss quality varnished case
  • Chrome steel blade — diameter 100 mm
  • Circular capacity: 100 mm
  • Blade hardness Rockwell 59/62
  • Finger snap button with grip for effective hold
  • Stainless steel and aluminum decoration
  • Varnished beech wood handle
  • Safe and easy cleaning
  • 8 pieces assembled manually
  • Made in Italy

  ROSSO Red Planet (RAL 3001)
  NERO Black Gold (RAL 9005)
  CREMA Light Brown (RAL 1015)

Dimensions230 x 100 mm (L x l x H)
Poids 0,420 kg