Getting started

Getting started

To remove the machine from the packaging, follow the procedure below:

  • Before removing the packaging, go to the place where the machine is set to be installed.
  • Cut the straps around the cardboard.
  • Open the box from the top.
  • Remove any protective materials.

Two people should carefully lift the machine, making sure they have a tight grip. Behind – in front of the base – by the handle of the steering wheel positioned necessarily top, with the mandatory carriage brought forward.

Place the machine on the work surface – cleaned and dry – (larger minimum of 60 cm) or on its particular base while checking that it is stable.

Check that the machine is stable, screwing and / or unscrewing the feet. The operation must be repeated on each change of position. Although also check that the feet do not stick out.

Place the product to be sliced on the upper tray and jam it in using the product press by also adjusting the height.

The wheel rotated clockwise moves the carrier with the jagged product-carrying tray and also rotates the blade at the same time.

The speed is variable depending on the hardness of the products. Do not turn the steering wheel too quickly.

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