Complete Masterchief meat slicing kit 3 knives

Complete Masterchief meat slicing kit 3 knives
Model on show: The colours shown on the website may vary slightly from the real colour of the paint or the decorative elements.

3 knives / 1 chopping board / 1 apron

We want you to make the most of the intense yet fun moments on offer when you slice your products.  This is why Tomaga has released an exclusive complete meat slicing kit.

Delivered in a beautiful, easy to transport premium cotton bag, this set enables you to carve your traditional cured meats in a professional, precise way.  This gives you the chance to leave your own culinary signature on your preparations.

This kit contains 3 products from our range, which are available to view in our Collection section.

It is available in a "Bone-in Ham" version (with a 3-knife roll), and is the perfect gift for any food lover.

1 knife kit - 3 knives - Consigli for Tomaga.

Delivered in a chamois leather knife roll:

  • Slicing (deboning) knife
  • Ham-slicing knife (flexible)
  • Sharpening steel

1 professional Tomaga "MasterWork" charcutier's apron

1 Tomaga "MasterCut" chopping board

Delivered folded in a Premium cotton drawstring transport pouch.

Outside dimensions L. 600 X l. 380 mm
Weight 4 kg
  • 576.00€ TTC 480.00€ HT

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