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The Compagny


Tomaga Industries SAS is a Franco-Italian company founded in 2013 in the historic district of Saint Louis in Versailles (France).  Roberto D’Archivio and Enrico Sozzi are the company’s two founders.

As the heirs to a long lost tradition, our creations are the result of unparalleled artisanal and technical expertise.  They  are built to ensure impeccable quality.

The Tomaga Imperial i33 “Superlative Instrument” is the first mechanical meat slicer manufactured by TOMAGA Industries.  Inspired by the “Artigiana B33” model, manufactured in Parma (Italy) and a real jewel of 1950’s mechanical prowess, the Tomaga Imperial i33 is a truly exceptional ham slicer.  This machine is made up of 237 mechanical components and requires almost 8 hours of meticulous manual assembly.  It is manufactured in Italy in our partner workshops, and is available in a limited edition series.  Each machine features the finest and most beautiful finishes, and is tested and subject to rigourous individual examination. 

By looking at the traditional mechanical systems in a new way, TOMAGA takes the manufacture of mechanical meat slicers to new, unparalleled levels of precision and performance.

In keeping with our star product and in the same vein of technical and visual excellence, we have released a range of “art-tools” to complete the product range (knives – aprons, etc.).  These are designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding users.

Welcome to the world of TOMAGA.

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