Imperial - TOMAGA



Authenticity and precision.  The “mechanical” story behind TOMAGA Industries is the reflection of the unique mindset and philosophy of its two founders.

In 2013, their idea was to work closely alongside artisanal workshops and develop close-knit partnerships between highly qualified specialists, working to create the “TOMAGA Industries workshop” and their first mechanical meat slicer: the “TOMAGA Imperial – I33”.

The TOMAGA Imperial i33 is an object of pure precision and artistry, whose apparent simplicity belies its technical complexity.

The perfection of the lines, the condensed size, the simplified mechanisms and the improved resistance and reliability are the key principles which define the Imperial i33.

By looking at the traditional mechanical systems in a new way, TOMAGA takes the manufacture of mechanical meat slicers to new, unparalleled levels of precision and performance.

The company has released a range of “art-tools” to complete the product range (knives – aprons, etc.).  These are designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding users, offering timelessly stylish, limited edition products.

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